☀ Summer time is here! ☀

We're nearing the end of June already, and you’re probably thinking what we’re thinking: it’s time to get that Christmas list started. We know, it’s hot out... but look at it this way: your yearly knitting time is half gone!
Did you grab one of our Nightshift kits? Good choice! We’ve been restocking every couple of weeks, and the last batch just arrived. If you’ve been waiting for Water Lily, Spice Market, or Baker Street, you’re in luck. If you haven’t decided yet, check out your colour options here.
The beauty of Nightshift is that you can make it however you want it. But if you’re a knitter who isn’t sure where to start and how to plan your colours, we’ve got your back. Every one of our Nightshift kits comes with a helpful cheat sheet showing you which colours touch, which don’t, and listing our recommended order of colours from A to F. We put hours of (fun) work into each batch of kits, to make it easier for you to get a garment you’ll love.
Got any summer-weight tops in your queue? We brought in some nice lightweight singles for you! Malabrigo Mechita and Lichen & Lace 1-ply Superwash Merino are a perfect match — they want to make beautiful music together. We've put together a few kits for Caitlin Hunter's Navelli sweater, and Shannon and Gwen are arguing about who gets to cast on a sample. (We've been arguing since 1975, so we've gotten pretty good at it.)
We thought it was time for some fuzzy stuff in the shop, so we brought in Lichen & Lace's Marsh Mohair for you. It's a pretty mohair / silk blend for all those “held together” patterns; at 459 yards per 50 grams, it’s suitable for laceweight projects, too. Marsh Mohair comes in gorgeous colours that pair beautifully with other yarns – think “complementary” as well as “matching”, to broaden your colour possibilities. We like Joji Locatelli’s Elton Cardigan, using these two yarns: a light, elegant garment with a touch of halo. Take a look at our kits for this easy-fit sweater.
Canada Day is going to be here before we know it! It falls on a Monday this year, which means our next Knit Social will be a departure from the usual:  come knit with us at 7pm on July 8th, the second Monday of July at Sybil Andrews Cottage. Everyone is welcome... we hope to see you there.
Knit on, friends!

Shannon and Gwen

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