Spring Means Renewal

It’s been a hive of activity around the shop lately, with new things landing on our doorstep every week. We’re proud to introduce Fibres of Life – a Halifax company bringing fair trade, 100% natural-fibre textiles to Canada from Nepal. If you have seen the lovely woollen notions pouches in the studio or at our Sybil Andrews Cottage Knit Socials (or Shannon’s turmeric tote bag!) you know what a pleasure they are to look at and to handle.

The felted wool is satisfyingly heavy, and with a cotton liner and metal zipper, there is not a whiff of plastic to be found. (And if you like the pouches, you’ll love the totes, which are arriving next week.) Check out our range of colours and prints, and snap up your favourite before it’s gone!

Read more about the people and process behind the product here.

We've just received another exciting shipment of yarn in the studio, and it's up on the website now. We don’t like to give away surprises, but… well, let’s give you a hint, shall we? Try our multiple choice quiz – the answer will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.
What is pretty and comes from Sackville, NB? 
A)  Lichen
B)  Lace
C)  Lemons
D)  A and B

While you’re racking your brain to answer that, take a look at these new offerings from Richmond’s Firefly Notes. It’s perfect timing for these – the hedges and trees are filled with birdsong every morning these days: pick up a dawn chorus for your knitting bag!

Have you worked a Nightshift yet?
We were pleasantly surprised at how much you loved our colour choices for Andrea Mowry’s yummy shawl!We sold out of our original kit combinations pretty quickly, but we refreshed our supply of Rios and have seven new kits for your spring knitting pleasure. (And it IS a pleasure!) Shannon wants Baker Street and Art Deco, but Gwen definitely has her eye on Garam Masala. All our Nightshift shawl kitscome with a handy colour-planning sheet that Gwen put together while knitting her Cirque du Soleil. We hope you find it useful.

We will be at Campbell River’s fabulous Fibre Fest May 3-5. The Market will be running Friday through Sunday: drop by the booth and introduce yourself! Check out many great vendors, a fun fashion show, a silent auction and lots more at this vibrant event. 

Want a closer look? Our studio hours are always posted on the website and on Instagram and Facebook. Remember to come knit with us at Sybil Andrews Cottage the first Monday of every month at 7pm. We can’t promise you’ll get a lot done, but we can almost guarantee you’ll have a laugh.

Knit on!
Gwen and Shannon

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