October Has Arrived!

October has arrived! For so many of us, it’s a favourite month: on the clear days, it gives one last burst of colour and warmth. On the rainy days, it foreshadows the long dark winter just around the corner, when we’ll pull our knits from cupboards, closets and drawers to warm our hands and hearts.

Here in Canada, October starts with Thanksgiving. In the next week, we Canadians will be making plans, coming home (or going away) and preparing a feast. Giving thanks is a way we can all acknowledge the good things that surround us in our daily lives – the big things and the small. We’re grateful for a very, very long list of things – (lovely sheep!) – but today, in the rain and chill of the first day of October, the top of our gratitude list is you. Thank you for being here with us, needles in hand, knitting away through bad times and good, counting stitches and adding rows while you chat, show us photos, and laugh about little mistakes.

Knit City 2018…what an energizing and inspiring place! We had a wonderful time prowling the booths, taking in the colour and texture all around, and – the best part – meeting so many of you. It was great to put faces to the names we see so often on social media and shop orders. (And to see so many Girls from the Grocery Store!)

Tonight, Monday October 1, we will be at Sybil Andrews Cottage at 7:00 for our monthly Knit Social. Our friends at Serious Coffee will be open until 8, so grab a cup of tea and come knit with us! We can’t wait to see you again.

Shannon and Gwen


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