May Newsletter

What a Fibre Fest! We saw so many old friends and met so many new ones. The way that knitters chat, when we get together, is a beautiful thing. Have you noticed this? We spot each other’s shawls from across the room (and the hats! the sweaters! you people are marvellous knitters), and we casually say to total strangers, “Nice Range!” or “Your Campside Pullover is lovely!” or “Is that the latest from Kate Davies?” or “Oh my gosh, you knit a Dale of Norway: you are my hero.” 

This is a crazy, exciting, happy, opinionated, sweet and salty group of people. We heard lots of wonderful stories from all of you at Fibre Fest: you shared not just your knitting with us, but glimpses of your full and complex lives. Each of you, our knitter friends, are like a small, scrappy ball of beautiful colour in the basket of memories we carry around. 

Thank you for bringing a little bit of yourself into our world. We were so happy to meet you.

Speaking of sweaters, hats and shawls, Saltwater Purls is pleased to present our first class list for Fall and Winter 2018. All our classes will be held at Sybil Andrews’ Cottage, the home of the CR Arts Council in Willow Point – a funky, inspiring venue! We will learn a textured shawl (delicious brioche), a scarf/wrap covered in cables, two lace shawls, and a pair of cheerful mittens. There’s a good range of skill levels in this year’s list: if in doubt, just ask us what might be suitable for you. (And if none of this makes sense, try the “Learn to Knit” class!) 

We’ll also be offering one-time classes throughout the year, for specific techniques you’ll find helpful. These will be announced in our emails, and posted on Facebook and our website. 

Do you ChiaoGoo?? We do!

If you haven’t tried these yet, you really must. ChiaoGoo has mastered interchangeable needle issues with a totally seamless, absolutely smooth connection system. Their engineering is so good, they actually offer interchangeable sizes beginning at 1.5mm – unheard of!

We brought them to Fibre Fest, and since knitters are smart, we were completely sold out by midday Saturday. We’ve just received another shipment, available on the website now. We also have a selection of tips and cords available separately – see us online for specifics.



Between the hectic happiness of Fibre Fest, and the heat wave that has kept us all basking like cats on a sunny carpet, May is nearly gone. This means that we’ll see you all at Sybil Andrews’ Cottage very soon, on Monday June 4 after 6:30. 


Shannon and Gwen

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