June Newsletter

quotidian: (adj.)

  1. Of or occurring every day; daily
  2. Ordinary or everyday; mundane

There’s a beauty in the evening hours, when your working day nears its end and you sit comfortably, with a little sigh of relief, to knit. You might miss one or two days, or even whole weeks now and then, but if you’re like most of us, knitting is a daily pleasure that you practice. And like all patient practice, no matter how humble, it results in wonderful things…progress, learning, growth and satisfaction. 

We're happy to tell you that Fleece Artist’s hand-dyed laceweights have arrived in the studio! We have a limited selection of these specialty yarns, and they are going fast. Check out the colours here, or pop by and see them in person.

Are You All Wright?

We are happy to introduce our one-night technical classes, “Woolwrights”. After an hour spent reminiscing about our millwright grandfather and the tradition of practiced excellence and skill he represented, the name came to us in a flash. A “wright” is a maker, builder, or mender. Doesn’t that sound perfect for all of us?


Our first Woolwright class, Blocking and Care of Knitwear, will be held at Sybil Andrews’ Cottage on Monday July 19th at 7 PM. If you have a finished piece and aren’t sure what to do next, bring it along for some sound technical advice. We will have samples for you to experiment with: register early so we can make sure we’ve got enough to go around! Cost: $15. You'll need: pins, two large towels, finished piece. (T-pins and Eucalan delicate wash will be available for purchase at the class.)

Our next Sybil Andrews’ Cottage Knit Social will be 7-9 PM on July 2nd. A few of us hope to bring our spinning wheels to this one, so be prepared for some crazy hijinks, and possibly bad language! 

We hope you are all well, and that your knitting is growing as fast as your garden! Remember to practice your knitting every day…and find happiness in every minute of it. 


Gwen & Shannon

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