If you're a neighbour of ours...

If you’re a neighbour of ours, you know that Vancouver Island has been spoiled with a couple of weeks of sterling autumn weather. The sun was bright every day, and mornings had that snap of cold that makes you grateful for sheep. But in the last few days we've woken to a world cloaked with clinging fog, gathering to a chilly rain… and we've pulled on our cowls and mittens before opening our front doors. (For a quick pair of front-door mittens, we recommend one skein of Mecha and Tin Can’s free pattern.)

Did you know that October is Slow Fashion month? All of you lovely knitters are already taking a stand against mass production, but this month we’ve spent more time thinking about how our clothing choices can help to make the world a better place. We pause, during our knitting moments, to reflect that if the yarn is chosen wisely and if we care for the finished garment thoughtfully, our grandchildren could be wearing that sweater 20 years from now. Have you got heirloom woollens in your own closet, from other knitters in your family? Our Eucalan in Lavender or Eucalyptus is a nice side-along when giving your knits away.

We welcomed some little animals to our shop this month – including a few tiny birds and a very well-dressed Toad. We like to use these pleasing tins to keep our markers, darning needles, and interchangeable notions together…the small tins fit perfectly into ChiaoGoo’s mini sock case, and the large ones tuck into our Lygge kits like they were made specially. 

As our favourite month closes, we wish for you a cozy sweater so you can keep your furnace off for another week or two (the Shapely Boyfriend is a great choice in Regal, Heritage or Tuffy, or in Rios), a woolly hat to keep your ears warm (what about Laura and the Wolf in Jamieson and Smith?), and a pair of bright mittens to remind you that you have the power of beauty and warmth in your own hands.

On November 5, our Learn to Knit class will run from 5:30 to 7pm, followed by our Knit Social at 7pm. If you’re part of our local colour, bring your knitting to the Sybil Andrews Cottage and spend some time making a difference. We hope to see you there…and in the meantime, stick to your knitting, friends.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Gwen and Shannon

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