Carefully Curated Christmas

The Magic of One Good Thing 

Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Boxing Day! January Clearance!  
This time of year is all about stuff. But we knitters are creative, thoughtful people who practice a craft that is the antidote to mass production. We're glad that you’re all out there, in the midst of the craziness, planning projects that will take an investment of time and care to complete, and will be a lasting memento of your skill and thoughtfulness.
Everything we bring into our lives needs to compete for the same small space, and what we want can easily overrule our good sense and our desire for serenity. Saltwater Purls was started, and continues, with the idea that less is more. We search out nice things that we believe will be the best use of your investment in time and money, and will end up being the tools and materials you reach for the most.
When stocking your knitting bag, consider quality over quantity. Invest in One Good Thing. It’s better to buy one sweater bag of beautiful yarn, than five of okay yarn. If you don’t love it, you should leave it. When you do see something you love, take it home and let it make you happy every time you use it. 
We hope that, as the winter holidays approach, you can find ways to slow down time. Get out of the mall and get into nature. Disable your wifi for a couple of days. Bake something nice, and give it to your friend. Keep the lights off after dinner, and burn that candle you’ve been saving. Leave the car in the driveway and spend the day at home with your family and your knitting. (And a plate of cookies never hurt anyone.)
Our studio hours are always on the website. If you would like to visit us at another time, send us a note and we’ll arrange it. We love that we’ve become a destination for groups of knitters who travel up-island or down-island, and stop here before or after lunch! If you have a few friends planning a Christmas yarn crawl, let us know the date and we’ll put the kettle on for you.
Are you new in town and hoping to connect with like-minded knitters? Some of those can always be found at our Knit Social in the Sybil Andrews Cottage the first Monday of every month. Tonight, December 3 is the next Social: we think a Christmas party is in order, don’t you? Join us from 7-9pm for cider, sweet treats, and a little pop-up shop. Bring your knitting and some cheeky small talk!
One Good Thing ~ If you're a sock knitter, try the smallest diameter interchangeable set available: ChiaoGoo’s Mini Interchangeable set. These polished metal needles, with their seamless joins and kink-free cords, are everything an interchangeable set should be.  If you prefer DPNs, have a look at the beautiful ChiaoGoo 6" DPN sock set. Both these needle sets are the perfect partner for Sweetgeorgia Tough Love Sock yarn, and we have 59 colours in stock for you to choose from.
One Good Thing ~ These smooth, well-crafted resin slider tins continue to bring us joy... they're a lovely way to keep all your bits and bobs together.  If you're looking for a knitter's kit complete with a darning needle and a set of stitch markers, these magnetized tins are a great choice.
One Good Thing ~ Our favourite wooden needle set continues to be the Lykke Driftwood Needle set. The smooth, light tips are easy on the hands and the eyes; the set includes interchangeable sizes 3.5mm through 13mm. Our favourite steel needles are the ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Needle Set (Small). With sizes ranging from 2.75mm through 5mm, this set is expandable up to size 10mm with our Large tips and cords, sold separately, starting at $10.50.
One Good Thing ~ Looking for plastic-free stitch markers? Try Cocoknits’ Precious Metals markers: the sweet Kraft box contains 54 markers, both rings and removable, finished in gold, silver, and copper colours.  To see our entire collection of stitch markers and progress keepers, click here... and don't forget to check out our always-popular themed stitch marker packs!
As the year draws to a close, we wish you peace and creativity, simplicity and joy. And, as always... knit on, friends.

Gwen and Shannon

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