April Newsletter....Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

We were poking around the earth outside the studio this afternoon, planting some early seeds (and pulling some early weeds…), and were so happy to see the world making progress toward spring. It seems, despite everything, that the season of new hope and optimism is here at last…we’ve got the tulips to prove it!

Speaking of beautiful colours emerging, we are all stocked up for Vancouver Island Fibre Fest. We’re excited to be part of this year’s Vendor Market, where we hope to meet lots of our online knitting community in person. Come to the booth and show us what you’re making! We’ll bring all your favourites in case your stash needs plumping up. 

If you can’t make it to the Market, maybe you’ll have time to come knit with us at Sybil Andrews’ Cottage on Monday, May 7. Perhaps, this time, we might even be able to spend some of the evening outside.This week has been beautiful, with some much-needed warmth and new things beginning. We hope you got to spend some time in the sun today, too!

Knit on!


Gwen and Shannon

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